Production gallery

These motor mounts are cut from 3mm thick 6AL-4V titanium. The four slots on each plate are designed so that the motor can be bolted on, and then adjusted up or down for proper belt tension.

Cut from 5mm thick 6AL-4V titanium, these dropouts feature IS brake mounts and offer a full inch of travel so that you can adjust your wheelbase for race or freestyle.

Some sleek little IS brake mounts for our forks. Nick nailed this on our very first frame so haven't changed the design since.

We're making these testers with closed style dropouts just to see if we like them. Probably, we'll stick with the classic open style dropouts everyone is used to.

This is the final cad model that we sent to our motor manufacturer. The slots that surround the output spindle allow adjustment of the hall sensors. After we carefully adjust them for precise tuning on our ASI controller, we cover them with a waterproof and flexible epoxy.

We'll be using Higo Mini 8pin and Amass MT60 connections on our motor. These are plug-and-play, which makes the motor easy to connect/disconnect if you ever need to.

This is a screenshot from the CAD of our frame design. Those who know their BMX history will recognize the Supercross "6 Bar" design inspiration.

Hub upgrade

10-20-2022: We've been working with a manufacturer in Taiwan to design a killer hub for the Chimera. Originally, we had a 96 point-of-engagement design. But after a few months of testing, we felt it best to increase for a smoother, more responsive ride. What we have now is a lightweight bolt-on single speed hub with 216 points of engagement.

Hear the difference
Magura brakes are in stock

11-4-2022: All our bikes come standard with a pair of MT5/MT4 brakes and 180/160 Magura Storm rotors. We're stoked to have a full stock ready to install on our first run of bikes.

See them in action
Tubolito tubes are in

11-8-2022: Our Founder's Edition comes with tubes made from a thermoplastic elastomer that is more resistant to punctures, but less than half the weight of rubber tubes.

Controllers are in stock

11-15-2022: We use the BAC855 from Accelerated Systems in Canada. The company has set a standard for high performance in the EV world, and this sophisticated and powerful controller offers the best efficiency and power-to-weight ratio of everything else we've tried. We'll soon be programming them and fitting them with our custom wiring harnesses.

Motor stators are wound

11-22-2022: These are the motor stators for our custom inrunner prior to being encased. You'll notice that the stator has three sets of braided wires wound throughout. Each comprises one of the three phases of the motor. In our stator design, each braid of phase wires has 4 slots to wind through.

Motor casing is finished

11-22-2022: A well-designed motor casing offers just enough material for heat dissipation so as not to add too much weight. We think we've nailed it with this sleek cnc'd and black anodized case.

Encased motor stators

11-25-2022 All the motor stators for our custom inrunner motor are now wound and encased. You'll notice that the stator has three sets of braided wires wound throughout. Each comprises one of the three phases of the motor. In our stator design, each braid of phase wires has 4 slots to wind through.

Tester frames are here

12-9-2022: We've been itching to get our hands on the two tester frames we ordered over three months ago. Our frame manufacturer delayed by almost a month but, as usual, sent us some killer frames/forks. Over the next two weeks, we'll be using these frames to test the fit and finish of all our high drive parts, battery, etc.


12-22-2022: The final production motors for all our Indiegogo builds are in stock and being tested. These things look slick and pack a lot of power for their size.

See a brief explainer
High-Drive Production is Complete

12-23-2022: Back in October, we announced that we started production on the motorization components for our High-Drive system. We have now finished manufacturing our first run!

Click here for a rundown
All clutch bearings are in stock

1-3-2023: All but one bearing on the Chimera is a standard size that's easy to find. But this one - the FE425Z2 sprag bearing - has not been in production since the pandemic. It was driving Austin nuts. So we had a whole batch made just for us. Also in are all the standard bearings for our bottom bracket, pulley, clutch, etc.


What are your favorite bike decals of all time? We're still experimenting.


1-11-2023: All our Powergrip GT3 Belts are now in stock.

See the belt installation
new hubs are in stock!

1-20-2023: High-quality dirtjumper hubs at a competitive price are virtually non-existant. But we worked with a Tawainese manufacturer to make a total workhorse of a hub that has 216 individual points of engagement (or 72 group engagements) and is only 400 grams all-in.

Read about our hubs here
Enduro bearings

1-22-2023: We now have all our Enduro bearings in stock for our Founder's Edition clutches. They're pricey but incredibly durable.

Check them out here
Planetary gearboxes

1-30-2023: All our gearboxes for our transmission system are in. These use steel gears, and are custom manufactured to fit our drilled-out GT3 pulley and 4130 steel clutch.

Checkout a Youtube short
We're assembling the transmissions

The transmission prototyping process was stressful, but now that we've worked out all the kinks, the assembly process is kind of meditative.

Watch an assembly video here
Titanium Cranks

3-4-2023: Our titanium crank project is looking good. Those who bought our Founders' Edition are going to be thrilled.

Read all about it
Slit bolt

3-17-2023: The fork bolt is ultimately a small detail. But we tend to be fanatical about small details. So our fork bolt is really cool.

in stock now

Production progress

UPDATED 12-22-2022