"Competitor" 52V Battery Pack

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Our 52V Competitor battery pack is comprised of Molicel P42A cells, and is designed specifically for high power and high speed. A specs comparison chart is below. Please note that you must use a 52v (14s) nominal l-ion charger with male XT60 connection for this pack (see here).   

All our battery packs are carefully spot-welded using .3mm pure nickel connections, with a bms for balance on charge and discharge. They are then fully potted with Epic Resins S75253 thermal epoxy to isolate each cell a minimum of 2mm from any neighboring cell or surface, and encased in aluminum for high heat dissipation, fire-propagation resistance, shock absorption, and water resistance (read all about it here). Handmade in Los Angeles, our battery packs are arguably the toughest and most high-performance batteries of their size.   

All batteries are made to order. Please allow two to four weeks for delivery.

Competitor 52V Commuter 36V
Energy density 8.4Ah/494Wh 15Ah/633Wh


Molicel P42A

Samsung 50S




Max charge



Max current



Max speed (stock gearing)


Max wattage



Zero-to-20mph 2.5secs 2.85secs
Zero-to-30mph 5secs n/a

Throttling range @ max wattage and max flux 

8 miles

20 miles

Throttling range @ max 1200 watts and low flux*

16 miles

31 miles

Throttling range @ max 1000 watts and no flux* 20 miles 38 miles
Weight 8.8lbs 9lbs

 *The range can be substantially extended if the rider also pedals during takeoff and on steeper hills.