Why a chimera?

The Chimera (kī-meer-ah) is a fire-breathing hybrid of lion, goat, and dragon. She’s also a metaphor for combinations of ideas too incredible to be possible.

Born out of a need for personal expression and a better commute, we’ve created the Chimera: a combination of nimble bicycle and powerful motorcycle that’s user-friendly to repair, light enough to easily carry up a flight of stairs, small enough to fit on trains and in hatchbacks, and is fully compatible with existing bike parts; cranks, hubs, chainwheels, etc..

Meet the team

Austin Duggan


Christine Wu

Brand Director

Nick Nieminen

Mechanical Engineer

Josh Gragg

UI/UX Designer


Dev Coordinator and Apparel Mastermind

Frequently Asked Questions

Going fast on two wheels is always dangerous. But the low weight of the Chimera, together with its powerful Magura hydraulic brakes, makes it much easier to control and to stop than other electric bicycles. We feel that makes the Chimera a safer two-wheeled ride than other ebikes in its class. Always wear your helmet though!

Keep in mind that this is a bicycle and as such can be comfortably and easily pedaled to drastically extend your range. We routinely pedal it around town without motor engagement for 20+ miles, for example when we ride with Critical Mass. But if you’re throttle happy, you should be pleased to know that a rider throttling a lot should get the following range with these settings:

~20 miles in 1100watt mode
~8 miles in 3800 watt mode.

We’re also working on a “Commuter” sized battery pack for increased range.

Unlike aluminum and carbon-fiber, titanium and steel are considered "lifetime" materials for frame-building. But titanium is nearly half the weight of steel, rust-proof, looks killer, can be anodized, and hasn’t suffered supply chain issues, even during the pandemic.

Any 56v (14s) battery pack will work on the Chimera. But it’s rare to find a pack that is capable of 90 amps of current. So if you use a different pack, you’ll need to turn the overall wattage of the bike down.

Also, our warranty will not cover any issues caused by battery packs other than our own. So if you cheap out and buy an imported battery that catches fire or fries the controller, that’s on you. Our batteries are warrantied for a year.

"I could buy a motorcycle at that price", says every other dude on the internet. True. You can also buy a used car. But there's a big quality difference in what kind of vehicles you can get in the $4k-$6k price range compared to a Chimera. At those price points, we offer Magura brakes, a full titanium frameset, Kenda tires, top-of-the-line ASI controller, 5000watt inrunner motor, and other high-quality parts as standard. Our motor and every piece of our proprietary High-Drive transmission system is custom manufactured to tight tolerances. The drilled-out GT3 pulleys, 4130 heat-treated and gun-blued clutches, overmolded XT-90 connectors, potted and aluminum encased battery... None of this stuff is pulled off the shelf. We make it from scratch. We even make our own hubs, CNC stems, and titanium bolts. In addition to the quality of the parts themselves, the bikes are hand-assembled here in Los Angeles. That includes us lacing our own wheels and potting/encasing our batteries. Plus, everything on the bike is warrantied for a year. So, yes, for around $5k you can buy other vehicles, but will they offer this level of quality and detail? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Unfortunately, no. The motor system requires a custom frame to house each component independently of the other in a particular way. It's not something that can be strapped onto an existing frame.

That being said, we love helping DIY makers. So if you have the level of skill and experience necessary to make your own electric vehicle from scratch, and want to use one or more of our components to do it, we'd be happy to help. Just reach out! Keep in mind, though, that we can't warranty our parts on such a build.

We’ll be looking to make a 26” and maybe some other sizes further down the road. But people should try the 24” before they make any judgments. We purposely chose that size (and frame geometry) as a kind of sweet spot between responsiveness and stability at high speeds.

Almost every part on the bike you'd ever need to replace is a normal bicycle part that you can find online or in bike shops. The
motor system has just a few proprietary components: motor, transmission, clutch, controller, battery. Each of these can be swapped-out pretty easily, and as long as we have it in stock we can ship it to you in just a few days from our shop in Los Angeles.