Chimera Electric BMX Titanium with all upgrades

Light, fast, and incredibly powerful

Weight: 37.5lbs

Top speed: 35mph

Max power: 3800w

0-to-30mph: 5 seconds

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Enhanced BMX frameset

All titanium

BMX geometry

Disc brake mounts

Reinforced rear end

MTB width dropouts for strengthened wheels

streetfighter style

No display

No pedal assist

No unnecessary wiring

Pedal it like a bicycle

Throttle it like a motorcycle

Control all settings via a simple app

Hand-assembled in Los Angeles

Magura brakes
Kenda tires
Sun-Ringle rims
ASI BAC855 controller
Customizations available

Innovative "High Drive" Powertrain

Highly efficient

Easy to work on


Highest power-to-weight ratio on the market

Thermally potted battery

Aluminum encased
Nearly water proof
Shock absorbing
Puncture resistant
Fire mitigating

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Chimera app

One click connection

Fine-grained control of power/speed/throttle

Swap batteries

Save presets

Check range and temp