Titanium BMX Cranks

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Carefully machined from 6Al-4V "Grade 5" titanium and featuring a novel split lattice design, these crank arms have an incredible strength-to-weight ratio. Each 170mm crank arm weighs under 8oz. Although there are lighter cranks on the market, fatigue and impact testing at ACT Labs in Long Beach, CA showed that these crank arms in particular remain durable even as titanium spindles and standard BMX pedals begin to fail. What this means is that after repeated abuse, you'll more likely need to replace your spindle, bottom bracket bearing, and/or pedal long before you'll need to replace one of these crankarms. You can read all about the initial development of these cranks on our blog, and watch a mashup video of crank testing on our youtube. You can see a full installation video here. Please note that if you use a Profile Column crank installation tool, it may require some additional spacers on the tool to install these cranks. 

These cranks are made in small batches. Please allow up to three months for delivery.

Material: 6Al-4V "Grade 5" titanium
: 22mm 48 spline
Spindle widths: 143 (BMX) or 160mm (MTB)
Bolts: M17x1.25, 10mm hex
Drive: Spline-drive only (compatible with all 22mm/48 splined sprockets)
600g/21.1oz = 170mm arms, bolts, bolt washers, and 143mm spindle
618g/21.8oz = 170mm arms, bolts, and 160mm spindle

Spline-drive sprocket weight:
25t = 72g/2.54oz
28t = 90g/3.17oz
34t = 101g/3.56oz