Shadow Chimera Electric BMX (Steel)

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Our "Shadow" Chimera is an all-black steel build made with a highly durable 4130 heat-treated chromoly frameset, powerful 3800 watt High-Drive powertrain, CT series Magura brakes, ASI BAC855 controller, and Sun/Ringle rims. See "specs" tab below for more details. 

Our bikes now offer two setups; a 36v 15ah "Commuter" battery capable of up to 40 miles of throttling range at street legal speeds, or a 52v "Competitor" battery capable of up to 20 miles of throttling range and very high "off-road only" speeds. Check our battery specs below for more precise information. If you choose to purchase both batteries, you can easily swap them out, and use our mobile app to adapt the bike's settings. 

Our bikes are pre-order only, assembled in small batches right here in Los Angeles. Please understand that when you make a pre-order, your bike will be put into production, and will take up to 7 months to deliver to you (depending on our order volume). Once your bike is in production, it can only be cancelled for a refund minus a $300 fee to help partially recover our costs of raw materials and labor. For more information, see our refund and warranty polices. For legal reasons, we have to say that the top speed is 15mph. 

Stock Customizations
Battery 36v "Commuter" 13.5ah up to 3000W 26MPH 52v "Competitor" 8.4ah up to 3800w 35MPH
Controller ASI BAC855 
Charger 2amp Variable 1A - 5A quick charger
Motor Chimera 5000w inrunner
Frame 4130 steel
Fork 4130 steel Titanium
Handlebar 4130 steel Titanium
Stem Chimera top-load CNC 50mm
Hub front Chimera 110/10 bolt-on
Hub rear Chimera 135/10 bolt-on
Front rim/spokes 600g 32mm wide,14g straight spokes 410gram 31mm wide, 14g butted spokes
Rear rim/spokes 600g 32mm wide,14g straight spokes
Tires 24" x 2.3" 
Tubes rubber Tubolito
Brakes* Magura CT Magura MT5/MT4
Rotors Magura generic 180/160 Magura Storm HC 180/160
Cranks steel bolt drive titanium spline drive
Chainwheel 34t bolt drive 34t spline drive
Chain KMC S1
Clutch bearings Standard Enduro
Bolt package Steel Titanium
Weight w/o bat (est) ~36.2lbs As low as 32.5lbs
Total Weight (est) ~45lbs As low as 41.3lbs

*RIDE AT YOUR OWN RISK: Riding a bicycle all by itself risks injuries commonly associated with outdoor sporting-type activities. High speeds and/or stunt riding on bicycles can increase this risk. By using this product, you voluntarily assume the risk of injuries, and further acknowledge that neither Chimera BMX nor any of its suppliers or manufacturers will be responsible for any injuries or damages resulting from use of this product. Be aware of all applicable laws which may govern the use of this product in public areas as this product is not to be used in such instances which may violate local laws and/or in public areas which may cause injuries or accidents to bystanders.
**Magura brake system components are only to be used on vehicles that do not exceed 28 mph and/or do not have a GVWR of 452 lbs. Any use other than the intended use can lead to accidents that may cause serious or fatal injury.

Competitor 52V Commuter 36V
Energy density 8.4Ah/494Wh 15Ah/633Wh


Molicel P42A

Samsung 50S




Max charge



Max current



Max speed (stock gearing)


Max wattage



Zero-to-20mph 2.5secs 2.85secs
Zero-to-30mph 5secs n/a

Throttling range @ max wattage and max flux 

8 miles

20 miles

Throttling range @ max 1200 watts and low flux*

16 miles

31 miles

Throttling range @ max 1000 watts and no flux* 20 miles 38 miles
Weight 8.8lbs 9lbs

 *The range can be substantially extended if the rider also pedals during takeoff and on steeper hills.