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Whiteliners Titanium BMX Handlebars

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Titanium handlebars shave an incredible amount of weight from the front end of a bmx. These “Whiteliners” are so named because they’re often used for lane-splitting with the Chimera BMX on the white lines of gridlocked Los Angeles streets. They're made with 1.5mm thick 3Al2.5V Ti straight gauge tubing that makes them great for race, light street/park/ramp riding, and of course commuting. They offer 200mm of grip area so are ideal for running brakes, a throttle, or cutting down to an even narrower width. 

Please note that these bars are now pre-order only. We make them in small batches so order now to secure yours.

3Al-2.5V titanium
1.5mm straight gauge tubing
28.5” width
8.875” rise
11.5° backsweep
1.5° upsweep